The Blessings of Fall

Hello! What a wonderful time to post my first blog; Happy Thanksgiving, to all my fellow Canadians! Turkey and pumpkin lattes. Stuffing and pumpkin lattes. Mashed potatoes with gravy and pumpkin lattes. Sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows melted on top and pumpkin lattes. Pumpkin pie, or even better pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin lattes. Well, I think you get my drift; pumpkin lattes are the bomb!

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I’m Not Kidding, I’m Carding!

This past year has been a long one with so many restrictions in place. This past fall I just felt really in the mood to do a little creating of some sort. A whole whack of cards is the result of spending several days in a row, creating cards. They were all created from using….

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Pandemic This & That’s

These past two months have brought about a lot of changes for all of us I’m sure. From all I have been hearing and seeing, especially online it appears many are passing the time by baking their hearts out. While I have done a little baking my husband and I have been concentrating on….

empty wooden pathway in forest
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Cloth Dinner Napkins

Do you like to sew? I have not ever caught the sewing “bug”, but I do own a couple sewing machines. I have also inherited a bunch of fabric from my mother who was a big sower. So I have some smaller pieces of cloth that I decided I should try making something out of. Hence….

completed 2 napkins with napkin rings

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A Little Glimpse of Europe in Canada

When the leaves are turning in the fall, it is so beautiful. This fall I went on a ladies trip to Quebec City, ON. Going this far east was a first for me. The leaves were turning there although I don’t think they were at their peak, it was still a very glorious sight to behold.

I love the quaintness of Old Quebec City and how….


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Communication is Key

Communication. A subject that I keep thinking about over the last while. There is a lot of angles and parts to it, but I’ve been thinking about the importance of it. Can you imagine if anything living could not….

beautiful businesswomen career caucasian
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Mother, Mom, Mum or perhaps even Mamma

This is my favorite time of the year where we live with everything so green and flowers blooming. In about 2 or 2 1/2 months time the landscape will be turning brown from the heat of summer. Then there is the fact that Mother’s Day is in May….and the pampering that often happens from my “offspring”!

white ceramic teacup
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